October 29, 2011

Irish Coven: Work it

In honor of the Irish Coven: Maggie, Siobhan, and Liam. Need to know more? Twilight Saga Wiki

Needs a lot of work!  I will print it out and actually rework the lines to clean them up.  I may actually try to make this in fabric....

I need to insert some red...maybe a red jewel in the center since the coven isn't vegetarian?

Inspired by....alright, copied:


  1. Love both blocks, but the 2nd I might try. What size block..can't wait to see the pattern. Who did you lose??

  2. i LIKE that shamrock - that is waaaaay cool (you know i'm gonna "borrow" it when you get it finished, right?!?)

  3. Thank you!

    The block was drafted as 8", but it's an EQ7 file so it could be printed any size. I would print it at 6" for my quilt.

    Borrowing is always allowed...for those I like. LOL


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