October 28, 2011

Jacob's Ladder: An Idea from the Past

(I lost a follower....  I wonder who you were?!)

I'm addicted to blogging and since I don't have anything else to write about today, I decided to delve more into my Twilight quilting past.

In trying to find my pattern for Bella and Edward's cottage, I sifted through a lot of old EQ files.  I came across an old quilt idea.  When I posted it on the TQC blog, it was met with only a lukewarm reception.  I have my ideas of why.....  I had always planned to continue to design quilts and post them as projects just for fun.

I called it Jacob's Ladder at the time because of the Jacob's Ladder block.  I never finalized the design because of everything that happened.

The paw print is paper pieced, of course!  I wanted to make paw prints for all the wolves in their colors.  The quilt above doesn't picture the blocks with the pawprints in the center.  I couldn't figure that out at the time.  I probably could today.

I also wanted to somehow include the Silver Linings Original wolves in the quilts.

Then again, I have a couple of other wolf patterns saved that I also like...


  1. ...lost a follower...it wasn't me, I LUV your blog. I even have it on my sidebar to share with others.
    I think that your creativity is awesome!

    Have you ever read the books by Cassandra Clare...City of Bones, etc. ? I really enjoy them...as good as the Twilight Series is, I think Clare series is even better. =)

  2. oooo!!!! i like the wolf's paw print in the block (we all know that i don't chose sides, but if i did, i'd be on Team Jacob) and, with Jacob's Ladder, i think it would be stunning...


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