October 16, 2011

More Doodles: A Midnight Swim

I've had a hard time getting my head around all that I wanted to accomplish this weekend.  I enjoy many quilting battles on a daily basis.  Yes, battles.  Obstacles real and imaginary, too.  I usually know what I want to do, but I have such a time accomplishing it.  I have to drawing skills to speak of. The best I can usually do is to diagram...very rougly...where I want things to go. I'm back to the plan to piece by back for the Remembering Isle Esme quilt since I couldn't find my "sand" fabric.  I kind of have a vision of things and that diagram, but I'm having difficulty working out the scale of the elements.

I ended up just doodling instead of sewing.  When I finally got motivated today to even think about sewing, I was still too fearful of trying to execute my plan and then I didn't think I had the right fabrics to make even one block to kickstart things.

So.....I doodled out another block instead.

The block as pictured isn't entirely pieceable at this point.  I know the moon and sand need to be tweaked.  It's not numbered.

base block for Midnight Swim

(Edward's ) clothes would have to appliqued on the tree because I'm not sure if I could figure out how to add them to the pattern.  I suppose I would also applique a Bella and Edward in the water.

I put the Isle Esme house aside for awhile, too.  I was getting frustrated in constructing the house in EQ.  I may sketch it out on graph paper first instead.

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