October 25, 2011

The Real Twi-Quilters: Another Chapter

Even a love of Twilight couldn't save things!  Probably because egos were involved.....

In trying to find my pattern for the Bella and Edward cottage block that I made for the Stephenie Meyer Quilt, I went back to my old blog to find the entries that I made when I worked on that block for the quilt.  (Many of the pictures have been deleted, but the words are still there.)  I was reminded about how accomodating I was more often than not while a member of the group.  I listened and acted on numerous suggestions about blocks and other instances of advice.  Not only did I receive design advice, but I received fabric that I should use, and even had one block remade or added to, by Elizabeth Mills without my knowledge.

I find it so funny how things all played out.  I was totally open to suggestions and making the best blocks possible for the quilts, but no one else seemed to be.  Funny, I'm the one with the attitude....the one who always had to get their way....  The one that received a letter listing all my transgressions.  I was stunned at the time and then burning mad.  The rest is, they say, is history....

Do you know that I still have all my private messages saved?  I can't wait to share them.

I wrote two entries about the Edward and Bella cottage block at the time I was making it.  Please remember, that I have a flair for the dramatic and sarcastic.....

Another Block to Tear My Hair Out over

Edward and Bella's Cottage Block

I'll add both entries to my Twi-Quilters page located as a tab at the top of the blog.

Twilight Moms still has the forum threads for most of the TQC chatter, like the Quilt for Stephenie Meyer and New Moon Charity Quilt.  Don't forget TQC thread #2

Fortunately, I've been reminded about my inspiration for the block!  I'll have to use it to make the pattern again since I can't find my EQ pattern anywhere.  The original block is from the EQ software Town and Country Patchwork.

I linked the library to my EQ7 so all I need to do is get busy recreating this block, but better!

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  1. i remember that block - i still like the vines

    p.s. - you know that you are pouring salt in an open wound, right?


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