October 14, 2011

Remembering Isle Esme: Under Construction

I didn't have hardly any time to work on the house....  It's a wonder how things evolve--I might end up adding the Isle Esme elements to the front of the quilt afterall.  I left work a bit early today to look for fabric, but struck out.  I wasn't keen on driving across town today looking for it at JoAnn's.

The picture below is a rough, rough draft.  The house's sides are chopped off.  The fabrics I would use would hopefully make a big difference.

I'll be busy this evening with the family at a corn maze.....

....no, not this one in Tumwater, Washington.  I've warned my husband and kids that they had better not let me get lost like that family this week that called 911 for help when they did.

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