October 6, 2011

Speaking of the Egyptian Coven

Have you heard of Sandra Leichner?  I have....  I've been in awe of her work for a long time.  I've got this thing for applique--not enough to do it mind you, but still enough to be sorely tempted.  Before I changed up the blog, I used to have a link to her blog to remind myself to visit. (link)  I was reminded to visit today while visiting another one of my quilting heroes, Erin Russek.  Good thing, too, because she alerted me to a quilt of Leicher's that I hadn't seen.

Sandra Leichner is known for pairing applique with embroidery to create amazing works of quilting art.

Her book is on my wish list!

Once again, I'm left asking myself, What am I waiting for?!  I can just imagine all the totally awesome Twilight quilt blocks that could be created.  I wouldn't have to be driven batty over blocks like Alice Bats in the Belfry as inspiration if I would just get off my butt and be the quilter I know I can be.

Leichner made an award winning quilt that is tremendously inspiring!  Pharaoh...yes!!  (Link to Gallery)  Just look at the detail! (link)

I need to remember not to cling to fabric as my only option.  There are so many other opportunities out there.....

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