October 1, 2011

Wedding Quilt: Update

I was keyed up from last night's game so I came home and sewed a bit more.  I bought another flannel backed tablecloth today to put on top of my other one that I use for a design wall that holds the languishing Twilight (Mystery) Quilt so I could put the Wedding Ring blocks up on it.

I have two Ribbon blocks to finish and four corner blocks to sew.  I also need to cut the setting triangles out of the new sand fabric I'm using for the outside border.

I'm considering calling this quilt Remembering Isle Esme as a secondary title.

I learned about a fun Twilight thing today.  I had heard that the Harkins company was the first to announce a Twilight Movie Marathon, but I didn't even bother to check to see about my area as I had never heard of Harkins.  It turns out that they do have a theater in Colorado!  We were killing time at Northfield Mall near the soccer complex hosting my daughter's tournament and I saw a Harkins theater!!  In checking availability, the theater is participating!!!  I'm not sure if I'll go or not as the theater is pretty far away from home, but at least I know I have options.  I can also imagine that maybe some of the other companies will do the same.  A Regal theater is closest to me.

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  1. oh yeah ... i am really liking those sandy beaches!!!


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