November 6, 2011

Bella with Child: Lydia's Block

I'm thrilled that someone other than me made the Bella with Child block...  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I am so honored!!  Lydia, alittlebitcrafty, made the block and gave her permission for the block to be featured.

The block was made as an 8" block.  T-shirt material was used for Bella's shirt.  I think that's the coolest thing!  Lydia said it was tough to use, though.  I think it's worth it!

Thank you SO much!


  1. whoa! paper-piecing with a KNIT?!? she's more than a LITTLE bit crafty, huh?!? sheesh...

  2. Thanks Shannon. It was really stretchy. Didn't want to fuse anything to the back of the t-shirt fabric as that would have added more bulk. Probably should have used more starch!

    Thanks you too Dianne!



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