November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Best Ever

Just got in from the 12:25 showing of Breaking Dawn.

Don't worry--no spoilers in this post.  I'm only going to write about my experience seeing the movie.

I am SO pleased with the movie.  I know I'll have to see it again to get my emotions under control to be able to really think clearly about it.

I can't believe I even hesitated going to a midnight showing.  I'm glad I didn't wait.

The reasons I considered not going to a midnight showing were because I didn't want to wait out in the cold for hours in line to get a good seat (like I had to for New Moon and Eclipse), I didn't want to go by myself nor did I want to get just anyone to go with me that would not share my fan girl enthusiasm, and I didn't want to sit in a theater full of noisy and in any way obnoxious people.

All my hesitation was overridden by my inability to wait until the daytime or even the weekend to see it.  I also had to go to it as soon as possible so I could talk about it with Lydia.  HA!  I also told myself that I would see it more than once so if I missed out on anything, I wouldn't the second, third, fourth, fifth......time I saw it.  Double HA!

I made my final decision when I saw that there were multiple screenings at my Regal theater and did some reconnaissance.  Two 12:01s were sold out.  I figured all the loud people would be in there.  I opted for the 12:25.  Before I made my final decision, I drove by the theater at 7:30 to check out the line situation.  There were people lined up, but I figured those people were in line for the 12:01 thinking that they needed to be there that early to get a good seat to the sold out showings.  I also decided to take my 15-year old and 13-year old with me.  Yeah, I'm a bad mother.....  They promised me that they wouldn't fight me on going to school and they both went to bed at 9 to catch a couple of hours of sleep.  I also asked my husband if he minded me going and he told me to go ahead!

We left at 11:15.  When we got to the theater, they were already seating.  No waiting outside!  Yay!!  Our showing was in a smaller theater, but it was fine.  We got to sit right where we wanted.

We all loved the movie.  I did find the music obtrusive at times.  I felt the movie was the best adaptation.  Any "extras" in the movie played well and weren't distracting to me.  More soon.....

I can't wait to see it again!!

I can't believe everyone, but a couple of groups, of people left as the credits were starting.  Idiots!  You always stay through the credits of a movie series.  Duh!

I know it's fabulous marketing and all, but WHY WHY do we have to wait an entire year for Part 2?!  HP people....I feel your pain!

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  1. thanks for your comments. I've felt kinda sad that there have been several bad reviews:

    Cheezeee, and gross? really?
    I'm an oldee/moldee (59yrs), so I rather wait and enjoy it in the theatre with few people. I doubt that I will have bad feelings about it.

    I even liked the first one...and, I know it wasn't the best. But, I did like it anyway.



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