November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn: The Wedding

Still no spoilers.....  I know that everone hasn't seen it.  I've seen the movie three times and only a bit embarrassed by that fact.  I took the husband and my 10-year old to see it (with some trepidation).  My 15-year old tagged along again.  She may be turning into a Twilight fan.  She asked me for one of my Breaking Dawn copies, but only wants to read from where Bella wakes up.  She doesn't want to wait a whole year to find out what becomes of the story.

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the wedding.  I truly loved Bella's dress in the movie.  It was simpler than I thought it would be, but happily so.  I was afraid that someone would insist on a totally inappropriate rendition and the dress wouldn't be right.  I had no idea of Carolina Herrera's style.  If I had, I wouldn't have been worried.  With my love of spoilers, I don't know why I didn't look her up before now.  Maybe I wanted this one thing to be a surprise?

 I've thinking about wedding blocks again.  I loved the block I made for the Stephenie Meyer Quilt that I deemed Wedding Dance.  What could have been if I'd been brave enough to design blocks then?  What a difference three years makes.....  Maybe I could have designed a block of my own or been a better piecer so I wouldn't have had to square up that block to the 5" (a totally stupid design requirement, by the way) and chop off Bella and Edward's legs.

The pattern is from Quilts with Style #46 May/June 2004.  The whole pattern of a dancing couple surrounded by musical instruments is actually in #45, too, but the actual couple is just in #46.  As the pattern suggested, I modified it to a wedding couple by using wedding appropriate fabrics for Bella's dress.  One of my favorite parts about this block was the fabric I used for Bella's hair.  It's woodgrain fabric!

I'm thinking of converting this image to make a new paper piecing pattern:

I think I can....I hope I can....

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