November 25, 2011

A Day's Work: A Little Work on the Twilight Mystery Quilt

Freezer paper and fabric letters, not even close to the correct placement

I tried drawing my tree today in EQ7, but I've given up temporarily.  I need more instruction and I  think my EQ5 book is too old to help me.  I have virtually no EQ drawing experience in EQ5 to tranfer to the EQ7 version.  I am tempted to buy the E6 Applique Drawing book, which is 50% of right now, as it is supposed to be still good enough for EQ7.  (--I suspect an EQ7 version is coming.)  I'm ignoring the fact that I could probably easily trace the trees by hand and make patterns that way....

After giving up on my trees, I decided I needed to get something done so I scanned and converted the Twilight book names patterns I made months ago into a PDF.  I printed them on the 8.5"x11" freezer paper sheets I bought....months ago.  I spent a couple of hours with breaks cutting out the letters after ironing the printed letters onto the heavily starched black batik fabric I purchased....months ago.  (I'm still planning on using the Sharon Schamber method of applique.  I'll be gluing the letters down before I sew them...or even leaving them to be quilted over only at that stage.)

Twilight (.pdf file)

New Moon (.pdf file)

Eclipse (.pdf file)

Breaking Dawn (.pdf file)

*****remember "No Scaling"

I think I've figured out how to space the letters.  I had to move everything off the table for dinner and I didn't return to the project as I lost a most of my mojo at that point.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  Thank you Examiner!

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  1. I love it ! It looks amazing :) It is looking so good I can't believe you have gotten so far. I am proud of you keep it up !


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