November 15, 2011

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

Thank you!

I appreciate you....

My motives aren't always clear to even me.

I have this blog for many reasons.  I do like to feature my work in all honesty.  I use it as a journal and now more than ever because I've almost stopped posting entirely on my personal blog.  The most important other reason to have this blog, though, is it's my attempt to make friends.  I do hope that people find me because of Twilight Quilting.

I spend my time making patterns for me because I want good Twilight paper piecing patterns to use.  I enjoy myself most of the time until frustration occasionally sets in when I can't accomplish in a pattern what I had planned in my head.   I don't just design with myself in mind, though.  I design with others in mind, too.  Not because I'm looking for money or acknowledgment, but out of true friendship.

I hope to get back to quilitng very soon!




  1. I'm glad I found YOU!!


  2. You know that goes for me too Shannon.



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