November 17, 2011

The Irish Coven Block by Lydia: Oh, SO Cool!

Irish Coven by Lydia

Thank you for making this block!  I think I can call Lydia my best Twilight friend ever....  I hope she doesn't mind me claiming her in this way.

Lydia always does such a nice job picking out her fabrics.  I love them all, but especially the green with all it's shading.  I particularly like that red and I think the fabric's pattern really adds to the effect of a jewel.  I love the dark grey background with the green.

Expertly pieced, of course.....  My compliments to the quilter.

Thank you so much for making it.  It's one of the best feelings ever to see something I created in fabric.

Now, if I could just get her to design a block....

P.S. She says she might try to embroider "Irish Coven" on it.

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