November 10, 2011

Irish Coven block: Ready to be Tested

It's fun and nerve wracking at the same time to feel the need to finish designing the Twilight quilt blocks that I've been working on the past couple of months.  I'm not one for finishing things.....  Excited, nervous, challenged, and happy?

This block is ready to be tested.  I took my EQ7 drawing, printed it, and took my pencil and ruler to it.  I'm sure this is not the way I'm supposed to do things, but it's the way for me to do things and get the results I need.  I think I've also figured out my "clicking" problem in EQ7 as far as "snapping" is concerned so tracing my drawn lines was a lot easier and my lines didn't get all wobbly.


Irish Coven block, 6" by Shannon LaCount (designed in EQ7)

Image only (pattern link HERE, .pdf, 6" block)

in reverse for pattern color key (link HERE, .pdf)

You could add some embroidered or appliqued writing....
 free Celtic font (link)


The red fabric accents are meant to be meaningful as the Irish Coven vampires are not vegetarians.  I chose to use red in more places than originally planned.

This is the image I used:

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  1. oooh...looks more vampiry with more red...I like it! Thanks Shannon!


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