November 26, 2011

Jacob: Missing

designed by Shannon LaCount, EQ7

Block needs to be tested!

Block needs to be tested!

This block was interesting for me to work on.  I needed a distraction and something somewhat mindless to work on while I watched all three Twilight movies today.  I find it impossible to just sit and watch T.V.  I almost always have to be doing something else in addition to watching.

I used this image as the foundation for the block:

I think it came out well enough.....  The only thing I'm a little meh about is the fact, that by making the block square, some of the Jacob part is a little squatter than the original image.  I think it's okay enough, though.

I used MISSING instead of HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY for, I think, obvious reasons.....

I'm wondering if the block needs a different colored background.  I tried yellow in one of my EQ blocks, but I didn't like it.

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