November 13, 2011


In addition to all the other "mental" issues that interfere with my quilting, I'm also at war with the way my brain works....

I feel like I'm going about this Breaking Dawn quilt pattern thing the wrong way.  I feel the intense urge to go through the book chapter by chapter to determine the blocks that need to be made, to make a list, and then only design them in that order.

For instance, when I designed the Bella with Child block, I was thinking that it would be used for the Preface.  I actually felt soothed by completing this block.

OCD, much?!

One of the next blocks would be Bella's Before Car.

I searched for an image of the Guardian.  The picture above is one of the examples I found.  I think using a car  in this position to make a pattern is easier because you don't have to deal with the wheels as much.

Yes, the design needs A LOT of work as usual.  I'll probably be fussing with this one for awhile.....

I left so much space on the bottom because I was going to place a bomb there.  My next idea was to put fire in that section.  My lazy way would be to use fire/flame fabric in that area or for the entire background.  The Mercedes symbol would definitely need to be included somehow.  I also like the idea of a personalized license plate.

Lord, help me..........

Like I said, A LOT of work!  The block is off in many areas.  The lack of symmetry will HAVE to be fixed!!!!

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