November 8, 2011

Lion and Lamb: Lydia's Block

Sometimes people trust you more than you trust yourself....  Shannon LaCount, 11/8/11

This post isn't about me.  It's about someone pretty darn special in my life.  I have a few people in my life like that.  I treasure you as I live and breathe.  I think you all know who you are!  One of those special people gifted me with another Twilight block today and I couldn't wait to share.

It's a block I never thought that I would see in fabric.  It's a block that I didn't think could be made as it was.  I was too focused on the flaws that I saw in the drawing and pattern in EQ7.  I'm not saying that the block is ready for the general public, but Lydia's work on it got it one step closer.  She tweaked some lines and made it work!  I almost don't know if I want to share it because I feel like it's a block that I might want to share just with her, but that might be a little on the selfish side.  Her work deserves to be seen!  Lydia is one brave woman!

Enough of the drama...

Without much futher ado..............


Lion and Lamb, by Lydia (alittlebitcrafty)

Lydia was more complementary than I deserve as she should get most of the credit for this creation.  I think it's amazing the way she took my rough pattern draft, fixed some lines, picked perfect fabric, and expertly pieced the block.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

If you will remember, I worked on this pattern last summer.  (link to post  or search "lion and lamb" for them all) It took me a long time to find just the right lion and lamb picture to convert.  (I tried more than a couple.)  This one seemed to work the best.

This is my EQ7 draft:

image only....please note Lydia did remove some of the lines in the mane and maybe some others

I'm one happy Twilight Quilter today!

Please note:

I know there will be those that question how creative I am being?  I make no claims of originality.  I am inspired by Stephenie Meyer's written word.  I'm not an artist or someone who can draw a lick so I'm using pictures, clip art, and drawings, etc. from the Internet as the basis for the patterns.  I claim no ownership except for the work I put into things converting my inspiration into pieceable patterns.  Thank you!

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  1. niiiiice!!!

    and Lydia - you got game, girlfriend!


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