November 22, 2011

Lion and Lamb, Revised: Ready for Testing

Lydia was a real trooper for piecing the Lion and Lamb block from the old pattern that I hadn't had time to tweak.  I was in the right mood today to fix the pattern and I think it's ready to be tested.  The block didn't change in any significant way.  I simply moved a couple of lines for piecability reasons and deleted some because they weren't needed.  I would never have gotten around to this if it hadn't been for Lydia taking charge and making this block.  When I made it months ago, I didn't really think it was good enough.  Seeing the block in fabric, totally changed my mind!

The way I design patterns is really not that efficient, but it works for me.  I've discussed my process before.  I essentially find a picture (photo, drawing, clipart, etc.) that I convert into the paper piecing pattern.  I usually can get it done, but sometimes I have to find another picture.  When I decided I wanted to try designing the block, I searched through tons of lion and lamb pictures online.  I tried converting a couple before moving full steam ahead on this one.

I sectioned it by hand, uploaded it into EQ7, and then "traced" the lines.  Lydia made this block from the unedited EQ7 paper piecing block that was really just my rough draft.  I am so thankful!  My work isn't done at this step, though.  I have to "mentally piece" the block to be sure that it can be sewn.  I always have to move lines.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to test it, but anyone is welcome to try.

Lion and Lamb by Shannon LaCount (EQ7)

I'm in the process of creating another blog attached to this one to host all the patterns for better organization and easier access:

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