November 14, 2011

Note to Self: You are doing all this for me, myself, and I

Dear Shannon,

I'm writing this letter to you because I really feel you need to be taken to task.

My biggest concern is that you seem to have lost sight of the reasons why you love quilting and Twilight so much.

You need to get over yourself and get back to loving quilting and Twilight because they make you feel good.  You shouldn't be using quilting to compete with anyone, like Twi-Quilters or Fandom in Stitches/Sewhooked, or to try to make friends.  To continue to do so, is to continue traveling down a darker path.

I challenge you to make a quilt for yourself because you want one.  I challenge you to design patterns only because you want to include them in quilts that you would make for yourself even if they are just computer quilts.  Forget about everyone else or being the next big thing.

You should probably shut down the blog because it just feeds into your conflicting feelings, but I can see how hard that would be for you and that you really need it to not feel so isolated.  If you feel you must share patterns with people, then do it, but don't go out of your way to bring attention to them.

Get your act together ASAP!

I really feel it's in your best interest to listen to my advice.




  1. OMGOSH! I LUV-LUV your blog and patterns. Please, don't stop sharing =)


    PS...if you want to do a "giveaway" of one of your patterns or something like that, I would post on my blog with a link to yours =)


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