November 29, 2011

The Versatile "Breaking Dawn" Chessboard Block Setting

I've used this block before......

I've always liked the idea of a feature blocking being an actual part of the chessboard in a Breaking Dawn (or Twilight) quilt rather than the block acting as it's own square.  I think it looks better!

The nice thing about the setting block is that it can be adjusted to fit the feature blocks' sizes.

Assuming a 12" chessboard setting block:

6" 7", and 8" feature blocks in the center of the block


or a combination....

6", 7", 8" feature blocks

So your options are numerous....  One could even off set the feature blocks in the chessboard setting block to change the quilt up more.


  1. I like the idea of using different sizes too Shannon. Is the thinking 4 blocks per book?

  2. Duh...these blocks are only for the BD quilt. Don't know what I was thinking.


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