December 20, 2011 Christmas Sale

I'm sad to say that I have nothing new to write about or anything finished to report.  Poor Anubis is still anklet-less and uncropped.  I'm at a loss.

I would like to share a paper piecing pattern sale.....

All Christmas patterns are 50% off at  The patterns are delivered electronically so instant gratification is yours for the taking.  Some patterns are only $.50.

Happy shopping!

I won a giveaway!!  Annie's Ruby Slipperz has a weekly giveaway and I won last week.....  Thank you so much!  Even better, I learned of a neat little pattern site called Ashby's Attic.  I'm in love.  I really found it difficult to choose a pattern.  I'll definitely be shopping after the Christmas rush.  My other favorites:  Snowday Tabletop Quilt and Mr. Frank N. Stein Halloween Hanging.

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  1. you are SUCH a MEGGER!!!

    well ... at least i didn't break the bank at - and if i blame half of them on Melissa, we both came out ahead, right?!?

    p.s. - word ver is "rerow" ... i do a lot of that when i'm assembling blocks


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