December 30, 2011

Is Abby Normal there?

I'm still sewing strings.  I think I have 40 or more to complete.  I'm too lazy to count.  I think I need more grey fabric.  I'm getting bored sewing with what I have.  I cannot get bored!

The above image is inspired by a Bonnie Hunter (Orca Bay designer) Facebook update.  I liked her page after deciding to do the quilt mystery.  I haven't explored much.  I'm not a big Facebook-er.  I only have a couple of friends and family as my posse on purpose.  I like  groups, famous people, movies, stores, etc. so I can keep up with that kind of news and get deals.

I do often pretend to be normal, but that's a lot of work.  I usually give up in grand fashion and go back to being me.....

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