December 6, 2011

Keeping Score: Bella's Transformation, etc.

I almost forgot!  If it had not been for Twilight Lexicon reminding me that the Breaking Dawn Score was out today, I would have forgotten.  I need something new to listen to as I have been listening to the soundtrack, Cider Sky's EP King, and Imperial Mammoth's EP Where Satellites Fall non-stop the past week (with a little Cold Play and Snow Patrol thrown in for good measure).  I don't want to experience burn-out.  As it is, I will have to wait the entire day before I can get home to download it.  I have purchased all the scores except for Eclipse's.  I don't know why.  (....Eclipse is probably my least favorite movie of the Saga.)

Requiem on Water is a close second to Cider Sky's Northern Lights as my favorite songs from the soundtrack.  The scene it's featured in is another one over which I get choked up reminds me of when I realized I was pregnant for the first time with Caroline.  I realized I was going to be a life was changed.

I needed to get back to creating quilt blocks.  If I stay away too long, then I forget what I'm doing.  I've read in more than one tutorial that designing or drafting paper pieced quilt blocks is intuitive.  I agree!  I'm far from mastering the process, but I do believe I'm getting a little better.

I almost gave up on this block last night, though.  I was unhappy with the fire part of the block.  (I'm not sure I'm 100% about the block or if I ever will be....)  I was having issue with the way I had set the yellow and orange and not necessarily with the drawing itself.  The block was difficult for me to section, too.  I'm sure there is probably a better way in some areas to section it.  I just didn't want to start over...yes, I'm lazy that way.  As it was, the process was difficult enough since I couldn't print the block in color and had to get out the colored pencils instead.  (We're out of ink and I refuse to be the one to buy it....don't ask!)

The bottom line is that if I maintain that I'm designing solely for me, then I guess I'm the one that matters?  Who knows?!

I'll be working to get it back into EQ7 and printable today.

One of these days, I'll get everything up at the Twilight Quilt Patterns site.  The computer work is holding me back...I just don't feel like it right now.  Sorry!

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