December 6, 2011

A New Challenge: Applique?

I'm pretty sure I was born a paper piecer....

I was naturally drawn to the quilting technique.

I have never warmed up to applique.

What makes people like and, even, prefer applique?  What makes people like and, even, prefer paper piecing?

The thought of applique makes me.....twitchy.

I can machine applique proficiently, but I don't enjoy it.  I don't enjoy the preparation nor the actual sewing.

I never consider hand applique for a project even though I'm totally in awe of appliqued quilts and those who complete them.

So, why am I even considering applique now?  Why did I get the EQ6 Applique Drawing book?

I have this feeling that I should be appliqueing.  I have this feeling that I need to be able to make my own appliqued Twilight quilt block patterns because even I know that paper piecing is not always the best option.

Let the learning commence!

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