December 26, 2011


Good day!

My plans have changed for the day.  I had plans to sew of all things and to finish a pattern, but I'm headed out instead to meet up with family that is in town.  I have managed to get started on cleaning my sewing area, but I have a way to go before it will be functional.  I've got stuff piled everywhere and can't even get to my tabletop ironing board.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

We had a small one with some big gifts for the kids as they all asked for some type of electronics item except for my oldest daughter who wanted new clothes to start her new school with.  My husband gifted the family with a video camera.  We've never had one!  He didn't listen to me to my requests for no gifts for me, of course, and I ended up with some Yankee candles, Starbucks cards, and an Amazon gift card meant for new reading material on my Kindle.  (I still find it hard to purchase material for the device, but I've been wanting The Night Circus so maybe I'll splurge on that.)

I treated myself to some new fabric for the Anubis block and some for a quilt mystery that Lydia is also working on that is tempting me.  More about that soon.....

I've been thinking about my quilting goals for 2012 and they are numerous.  Many involve this blog and getting back on the quilting-horse.  I want to finish projects and get on some new ones.

I was reminded by someone that next year we might be celebrating Christmas with the Cullens through Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I hope they include some of the Christmas stuff from the book in the movie.

I love to hear about other people's goals for 2012--feel free to share.


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