December 4, 2011

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes Quilt

Lydia has a grand idea for a quilt of quotes.  I'm taking her up on the idea for a future quilt or maybe just a virtual quilt based upon my lack of anything but computer quilting of late.

I've spent most of the day at the computer....goofing off!

I thought to use Spoonflower to print some quotes fabric.  I still really want to make some other Twilight fabric for personal use, but that will take some learning....and I don't feel like I'm there yet confidence-wise.

When in need, search Google.

Jaybird Quilts has some very helpful tutorials and templates for labels.  She also shares some other ideas for projects that use label-size printed fabric.  I used her tutorial for four labels on a swatch.

I downloaded the template that she has hosted at Flickr.  I don't have Photoshop....yet, so I uploaded to Pixlr.  I added four different Bella quotes from Breaking Dawn using this site as my reference in the Bella/Pablo font. I uploaded the saved file to Spoonflower just to see how it would work, but I didn't order anything...yet:

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