December 15, 2011

Walmart: In the Quilting Business?

I won't be making a family Christmas quilt afterall.  It seems that not everyone thinks that a quilt is an appropriate gift for a family in need.  I don't understand people sometimes..... 

I was at Walmart this evening helping the kids get teacher gifts and some supplies for my youngest daughter to make some snowman popcorn packets for a few of her friends.  (The idea was borrowed from this blog.)  They turned out super cute!

I also had to make a return and while hanging out at Customer Service, I was able to take in the displays of photo gifts.  Wow!  I see that photo products have come a long way since mugs and calendars!  The fleece blankets really interested me.  I got to thinking Twilight, of course.  I'm sure that there would be copyright issues...but maybe if a case could be made for personal use, then one could be sneaked through production?

I came home to visit the Walmart site....  Photo Blankets

What do I see?!

Photo Quilt......COMING SOON.


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