March 29, 2011

Volturi Midnight Ball: Spoonflower Samples Soon

I received notice that my sample swatch of the Volturi Midnight Ball fabric shipped today.

I ordered a yard months ago of the fabric in Quilting Weight and I wasn't totally happy with it.  I love the design, but I didn't love the fabric it was printed on.  I also wished that the red was a different shade.

I ordered a swatch in the Organic Cotton Sateen.  I'm hoping I like it more.

I had almost forgotten that I had ordered it.  It can take up to two weeks for a swatch to be prepared and shipped.

If I like the fabric better, I will order more yardage.

March 28, 2011

Volturi Midnight Ball Quilt: Another Possible Setting Idea

I haven't given up making the Volturi Midnight Ball Quilt with this fabric:

Here is another possible setting idea.....

Plum Blossoms, Keepsake Quilting


March 17, 2011

Maybe My Heart's Not in it Anymore?

No, I haven't been around here lately.

I've been busy with other pursuits and family, but this is no different than any other time in my life.  In years past, I would make sure I got things done in spite of all my other distractions.

Maybe my heart's not in it anymore?

I still have all the ideas for things I want to do so that's not it.  I saw two quilt layouts just the other day that I wanted to try.

I thrive on the fun of it all.  Chatting, sharing, emotion....

I'm sure that's what is missing.

I am sorry!

March 2, 2011

Twilight Moms Get Greedy? (Twilight Moms Donation Drive 2011)

Twilight Moms has been holding a donation drive that ends March 7, 2011.  They hosted one last year that raised over $3,000 according to the linked article.

According to Twilight Moms:

It is our hope that this donation drive (and similar ones in the future) will allow TwilightMOMS to bring our members more exclusive Twilight news and bigger and better events in the next few years.

Twilight Moms is asking for $10,000!  Are you kidding me?!  According to their estimates of members and blog readers, that is only $5.00/person.  I don't how valid that number really is because it's probably based on a lot of assumptions....

Also, according to the article:

All of the TwilightMOMS staff provide services for the website and events completely as a volunteer effort.

I can understand that they may wish to have users pay for some of the costs associated with hosting the site.  I also can honestly say that I have no idea the costs associated with hosting a website and forum, but they can be more than is absolutely necessary when grandiose visions are entertained.  The amount of money they want seems like a lot if the site is run on a volunteer basis and for its original purpose.  The site was started by a fan as a place for her to get together with other similarly interested and demographically based people.  It is certainly true that Twilight Moms is now an internationally recognized group that it has evolved, grown, and says that it faces new challenges.  These are challenges that the leaders of the group seem to want to take on at the fandom's expense.

They have said it themselves:  It is our hope that this donation drive (and similar ones in the future) will allow TwilightMOMS to bring our members more exclusive Twilight news and bigger and better events in the next few years.

Has Twilight Moms evolved into a money making endeavor now?

I visit Twilight fan sites every day multiple times a day, including Twilight Lexicon, Twilighters Anonymous, and Breaking Dawn Movie.  They basically have all the same featured news stories.  Is it really necessary that Twilight Moms try to set themselves apart from the rest of these groups, especially since they serve a more exclusive demographic in the Twilight world?  Who is really going to benefit from more exclusive Twilight News and bigger and better events?  The few Twilight Moms who administrate the site and volunteer to moderate forums and add content?

If I had money to donate from my budget, it would certainly not be to Twilight Moms.  There are more worthwhile organizations out there that serve a greater good than contributing to an exclusive Twilight fanbase hoping of achieving their motto:  the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.  They apparently need $10,000 in their war chest in order to try.

Maybe I'm not the only one who thinks this way or maybe times are just too tough for frivolity.  As of today, the amount raised is $3624.33 from 130 people.