January 24, 2012

126 More to Go....Gulp!

Orca Bay will be the death of me.

I made myself get back to this project.  I tested the pattern I made for the goose unit.  It works!  I did almost make one mistake, though.  I thought the wing unit light was a square, but it is a HST.  I don't much like all the bias edges.....  I dug out my Fons and Porter Triangle Trimmer to cut off the top tips of the wing units before I sewed them which really helps in attaching the units accurately.

Now that I know the pattern works, I'm going to be more efficient by chain sewing.  I'm going to cut up a bunch of the triangles needed for the wings.  I'm sticking with the scrappy example.

I'm planning on working on some other projects to break up the monotony.

I did a test draft of the Breaking Dawn chess pieces in EQ7 that are a part of the focus square for the Breaking Dawn quilt.  It didn't turn out to anything more than a doodle it was so bad and it's not even worth showing.  I'm going to have to work long and hard at the pattern.  I'll probably have to make a hand drawing first.

I think this is the coolest thing:

Zombie Snowflake

My son is really into Zombies.  I think it would make a cool Hawaiian-type of appliqued quilt.....that is, if I appliqued worth a darn.


  1. Great work Shannon! I wish I had the pattern for the wing units...so much easier to piece and your sons' Zombie Snowflake is so worth doing in a quilt...outstanding!!

  2. Great work on the strings with wings blocks! You can do it!!

    Maybe it's time for your son to learn to applique so he can make his own Hawaiian Zombie!!


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