January 31, 2012

Bargain Bin: Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion

I was wandering around my neighborhood WalMart this morning after picking up the items I actually stopped for.  I always hit the book and magazine section.  I was thrilled to see a stack of the Eclipse Official Illustrated Movie Companion in the bargain bin for $2.97!

I purchased the Companion for New Moon, but not for any of the other parts.  I'm really not much of a collector of such things, but $2.97 was too good to pass up.  I suppose if I really wanted the others, I could shop around.  I see that Amazon has some seller's that have the other editions listed at discounted prices.

I'm trying to let this be my only bargain, but I am being tempted by fabric.  This and That Fabrics has free domestic shipping through today.  Do I need any more fabric?  NO!  Do I want some Paparrazzi, Masquerade, Moda Marbles, Essentials Filigree, and Complements Embellishments? HELL, YEAH!!

I can't really justify a purchase right now, though....

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