January 28, 2012

Chess Match

I don't think it's a very good analogy, but maybe it feels like a chess match when I'm trying to "design" a new pattern for myself.  Having never played chess, I'm probably totally off base.

I had some time on my hands yesterday afternoon so I pulled out my image of the white queen chess piece.  I put Kiefer Sutherland's new Fox series, Touch, on the computer and got busy.  (Totally amazing show, by the way.  I got goose bumps during a couple of scenes and cried.  The episode totally blew me away!)  I missed the episode on the night of its original airing--what did I do before the DVR, On Demand, and the Online Streaming?!

No pressure on myself or anything, but I don't think my brain will allow me to move forward with anything else until I get the Breaking Dawn Chess Piece pattern done.  The block is, I think, the center of my block.  Yep, I know I could just leave a big black square to represent it and go on to other parts..... 

It's a tough one!

I've got to include shading unless I decide to add it with thread upon completion.  The top elements of the piece have to be squared up a bit.  The first line is the toughest.  I think I may move it.  Every line after is drawn from that first line so it's important to make a good decision.  That's the way I do it, at least.

I've been distracted by other quilts.  I've also decided to fully embrace my paper piecing fascination.....or obsession.  Did you know that I convert almost every single pattern I use to be made by paper piecing?  I'm in the middle of Orca Bay, paper pieced, and I Believe in Pink, paper pieced.

Sewing on Paper is under construction...... and soon to be a (dot) com.


  1. You are amazing at designing paper pieced blocks.... I enjoy the preciseness of pp, like for mariner's compass, or intricate stars, but for objects and images, I am definitely an applique girl

  2. Might I suggest you invest in the paper industry?! Kidding aside I agree that your designs are spectacular and we should all piece in whatever our favorite technique is.

  3. the chess piece is going to be amazing


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