January 17, 2012

EQ7 Tutorial: Using EQ7 to Design a Paper Piecing Pattern from an Imported Picture

I have visited the Shape Moth blog for months, but not regularly.  I see the error of my ways and have joined as a follower and will probably add the blog to my Sidebar.  Amazing work!!!  I visit blogs like these sometimes and feel inept and definetly un-artist-like, but still inspired to try to get out of my stagnant quilting box.  I should try more and stop staying, "I can't"....

I have taken some baby steps in the past year.  I never would have thought I'd make any patterns even if I'm not being very original as I use other people's pictures and graphics as their foundation.

Shape Moth has a really cool tutorial that shows how to design a paper piecing pattern in EQ7 from an imported picture.

As one can see, I don't do anything that special....

I would love to participate in a Bee like the one for Alice and Wonderland.  How fun!

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