January 18, 2012

Escape and Impulsive Fabric Buying

I'm having a tough day.  Family stuff......  I'm at a loss on  how to fix things.  Well, maybe that's not totally true.  I don't know if I have the stamina or fortitude to be the mom....warden....mom that I have to be to effect change.  For instance, I never thought I'd have to commit to brushing my capable 13-year old son's teeth so as to improve his hygiene enough that the orthodontist won't take off the braces mid-treatment we've spent $5000 on.  Tip of the iceberg even as serious as this sounds....

When I'm down and out, I look to ways to make myself feel better.  These things are self-destructive.

Fabric buying is one of them.

Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I escape to a favorite quilt shop.  I'm greeted by name.  I get to soak in the creative atmosphere.  I'm usually asked how I am, what I'm working on, if I need any help......

I usually buy something in return.  I feel better for a minute until I get home and the problems are still staring me in the face AND I have no energy or time to even use what I've purchased.

I'm dying to escape today.  I have some projects that I'd like to get some fabric for.  Nevermind the basement of fabric I have to shop from.  Fabric that I've accumulated over the years from escapism.

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  1. I walk in these same "escape shoes" on a fairly regular basis. And, I don't even have any really big family stress. I do tend to use shopping as an anti-depressant.

    It's "retail therapy". I'm sorry that you are having some hard situations to deal with. =(. But, I think...there are worse things that this form of therapy...



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