January 31, 2012

How Not to be Bothered

What ever was I thinking?!  Yep, from the files of Shannon trying to be too smart and mucking things up:

The skulls had to go.  I picked the worst type of fabric for the Tic-Tac-Toe Craftsy block.  I liked the fabric too much and allowed the feeling to sway me into trying to use it for a totally inappropriate block.

What was I to do?  Make another block with another fabric.

Most wouldn't have been bothered, but I was.  I've given up trying not to be bothered....  It's easier to fix what's bothering me....at least as far as quilting is concerned.  Yes, that's why I like to quilt.  I can usually fix things that bother me unlike in most other areas of my life.

I will find another block for the skull fabric!


  1. Those skulls would sure be great on the back....if you had enough!

  2. Great idea! I usually piece my backs anyways so I could use a bunch of skull fabrics in it instead....

  3. I loved the skulls..... but I really LOVE the colors..... the black, white and red, so I like it in any way....... I love pieced backs...... I try to piece my backs...... it looks so great!!


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