January 9, 2012

I Think Alice Would Approve

I'm already counting on the fact that 2012 will be more fun with friends in my corner.

My theme of today and maybe for this year is inspired by a little gifty I recently received:

Too Much of a Good Thing is WONDERFUL!  (as quoted from the top of Mary Engelbreit box).

The reds have it....

Lydia sent me the perfect red fabric for the Bella's Transformation block.  We think it will be perfect for the heart.  I'm so lucky!

I received a lovely squishy in the mail on Friday.  My winnings from Annie's Ruby Slipperz's Monday Mystery.  I asked for red and Annie didn't disappoint.  The FQs I received were totally scrumptious and one in particular set my heart racing.  Yes, fabric still does that for me.  I used the same fabric in my Switzerland block for the Eclipse Quilt.  I only bought a FQ at the time and I think I have I might have a bit left.

Heleen Pinkster is one of my favorite paper piecing designers.  I don't think I've mentioned her before.  I checked in on her site the other night after months of not doing so.  Shame on me!  She has a BOM of 2012 that might be fun and I think Alice would approve.  Shoes is the theme!  I approve because they're paper pieced!  The BOM is free for the year.  (Be sure to hit the English flag at the top of the site for translation.)  The first month's shoe is a ski boot. (LINK to site)  Last year's theme was kitchen tools and it's still available, but I don't know for how long.

I have so many projects calling my name, including ones in my head that are Twilight-related.  If they're not Twilight-related, I've managed to make them fit the bill.  I'm toying with making a Civil War Love Letters quilt, something I've always wanted to do, and attaching it to Jasper.  Hey, he was from that era!  It's a stretch, but I'm good at that.  Ha!

I've also determined that I need to learn hand embroidery so I've been researching that.  I used to cross stitch a long time ago, but I haven't done any handwork in a very long time.  I almost can't bear it anymore because of all the damage I've done with all the computer work I do.  I've been totally inspired by Lydia's quotes quilt idea and this quilt.  I'll not be able to embroider by machine, but I think the quotes could be done by hand.  I've been hanging out here trying to learn some things.

I can't leave well enough alone on my own design front.  In the process of cleaning up the Anubis block, I decided I needed to add a pyramid in the background.  I did it, but now the proposed piecing is all jacked up to the point that it might not able to be pieced anymore reasonably.  My solution?  Well, I'll make the pattern without it work and stubbornly make the one with the pyramid work, too, even if it's only for personal use.

oops!  an error in fabric placement by his ear...

I browsed through all the pictures I have saved for coven ideas.  I can't wait to start the rough drafts.  I need to clone myself.





I haven't forgotten about the KMA quilt, either.

I need more hours in the day!

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  1. Great job with your Anubis, I am very impressed with your ability to design paper pieced patterns


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