January 22, 2012

In Need of Repair

There's a site out there that acts like they've cornered the market on fandom quilts....

I've been a fangirl or one thing or another as long as I've quilted.  I made a Spiderman quilt for my son Zach over eight years ago.  It is one of my favorite quilts that I've ever made.  I really came into my quilting-own with the quilt.  (I also made a Strawberry Shortcake quilt for my daughter, Sarah, about the same time.)  I used paper piecing patterns to construct the blocks, even the tradtional blocks.  The quilt pattern wasn't my own and I didn't attribute the design on the quilt label....shame on me! I had both quilts professionally quilted by Top Quilters.  The silvery thread that was used is awesome!

Spiderman Quilt - Quilted by Top Quilters

Spiderman Quilt close-up of quilting

Spiderman Quilt close-up of back

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The kids quilts have been well loved.  When you give a quilt to a kid, you've got to figure that something is going to happen to make you cringe.  Sarah spilled nailpolish on her quilt.  Zachary ripped a patch in his that I've never fixed.

A friend suggested a long time ago that I fix it by placing a spider over the holes.

Today I'm going to machine applique a Spiderman logo spider.  Fortunately, the fabric is only ripped on the front of the quilt.  I think a spider will work...

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