January 15, 2012

Lydia's Immortal Child: Creeptastic

They were very beautiful, Carlisle had explained quickly, seeing my reaction.  So endearing, so enchanting, you can't imagine.  You had to be near them to love them; it was an automatic thing.
Breaking Dawn, p. 33
He was beautiful, adorable, just as Carlisle had described.  The boy was a toddler still, maybe two years of age.  Light brown curls framed his cherubic face with its round cheeks and full lips.  And he was trembling, his eyes closed as if he was too frightened to watch death coming closer every second.
....The child opened his bright, bloodred eyes.
Breaking Dawn, p. 36-37
Another wonderful block from Lydia!

Lydia braved another one of my patterns to make this amazing representation.  Perfect fabric choices once again!  Lydia suggets using a "printed" white fabric for the whites of the eyes to get the best contrast.  She used one of my favorite fabrics by Jennifer Sampou for the background.

Thank you SO much!

*Please note the block was made in reverse and is the opposite view than the pattern on the site will finished unless reversed.  I like it best this way!

I always used to question why designers had pattern testers and didn't just piece things themselves.  I'm feeling that sometimes after I finish a pattern and it's ready for testing that I'm not in the mood to do it.  I am so thankful for Lydia!

Immortal Child pattern is located at Twilight Quilt Patterns.

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  1. Gorgeous block, meaning of course the design and the finished block.....


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