January 6, 2012

Quilt University: T-Shirt Quilt Class 2/3/12

Bella's T-Shirt Quilt is one of the main reasons people land on this blog.  People are looking to buy it or make their own mostly.  I've given up on collecting the T-Shirts from Desteenation because it would be just too expensive an endeavor and many of the shirts are out of stock, anyway.

I received Quilt University's newsletter in my Inbox this morning.  Fran Gonzalez is teaching a class on how to make a T-Shirt quilt at Quilt University (link to supply list) that starts on February 3, 2012 that only costs $27.00.

I've taken classes at Quilt University before.  I've not been disappointed.


  1. Thanks for the Quilt U link! Found one on my software which I signed up for and EQ in the future.

  2. Where is the Quilt U located? I went to the website...but, I couldn't find the place where the U is. =)

    It sure has a LOT of great classes!



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