January 12, 2012


I finally finished all 72 3" grey string blocks for Orca Bay.  I should have gone to be bed and I'm tired today, but I was bound and determined to finish the last 10.  I did things my way, of course!  I drafted a couple of different paper piecing pattern versions of the 3" String block to use.  I hardly used any greys from my stash as it was lacking so I purchased most of my fabric in 1/6ths, 1/4s, and FQs from three different stores.  I now have a nice compliment of greys in my stash for future projects.  I don't know which step of the mystery, that is no longer a mystery since I peeked, I will do next.  I hesitate to take a break as that is how so many of my UFOs happen never to be finished.  I think I've figured out a paper piecing sheet of QSTs for one of the steps so that I don't have to piece the units with individual triangles.  I have to test it to make sure it's right, though, before making those units.

I made the mistake of showing my sister the SewHooked/Fandom in Stitches Project of Doom Harry Potter quilt when she came over for pie and birthday wishes last weekend.  She wants one....  I'm kind of interested in making it as it is a cool quilt as far as Harry Potter goes, but to find the time is the issue.  I'm also worried about the patterns.  I've had issues with Sewhooked before.  I've been assured that they have been drafted well, though so maybe I'll fit it into my schedule.  If I could just get Lydia who has an amazing talent for using just the right fabric to help me.....I'd be all set!

I've had numerous requests for different patterns.  It's too bad I work at a snail's pace.  New Moon tulips, the Eclipse ribbon, a Breaking Dawn chess board, Bella's truck, etc, etc.  I'm making up a list so if anyone wants anything in particular, let me know.

I'd like to buy some time for $1.  Anone know of a place?!

A small note about my free-motion quilting.....  I've not gotten back to practicing anymore, but I'm dying to.  Reason?  Well, Leah Day's Free-Motion Quilting #2 spot addresses one more subject that I've needed help with.  I mentioned that I get overwhelmed by my quilt tops, quilt myself into a corners, etc.  The #2 spot talks about quilting in rows.  Who knew that it was okay to do this?  I try to be logical about things an this has occurred to me before, as well as quilting in quadrants, but I didn't think it was okay to quilt this way.  I'm figuring out that I can be logical and creative at the same time.  In fact, it's probably really good to be that way.  Why I needed permission, I'll never know?!

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  1. I have blown up both of my sewing machines this week finishing a quilt.... so you're ahead of me :)


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