January 24, 2012

Sally, Custom/Commissioned (Twilight) Quilter

I still miss being a part of a group on some levels, but don't miss at all the headaches being a part of a group gave me.  I'm sure I'm not missed either.  I'd probably miss a group more if it weren't for the friends I've made lately.

I treasure the connections I've made through blogging, especially through this blog.....

I have a lot of fun chatting with friends about projects.  I'm inspired regularly by their creativity, quilting ability, and friendship.

Sally contacted me a couple of weeks ago for permission to use one of the Twilight Hands patterns for a quilt she was making for a friend.  (Pattern located at Twilight Quilt Patterns)

Of course!!

She's been kind enough to share some of her amazing designs .  Sally uses Electric Quilt to design her quilts.  She makes commissioned quilts as Sally's Custom Quilts.

She is working on this Twilight quilt:

Twilight Hands

Thank you for letting me share!

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