January 13, 2012

Score Two: One for Hunger Games and One for ME

I've read all the Hunger Games books.  I'm not in love with them, but I appreciate them.  I am looking forward to the first movie in the series out in March.  I believe it will be a huge success....as long as it's not bigger than the Twilight movies....HA!  I was thrilled to hear the first song from the soundtrack Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars.  I enjoy Swift's music very much and The Civil Wars became an instant favorite after hearing the song.  (I can't say enough how much I love their sound...so pure and true.)  I immediately downloaded it and having been listening to it ever since.  Both my girls love it, especially my 10-year old who is a HUGE Swift fan.  The song fits any number of scenes and characters in the book and I can't wait to hear its placement in the film.  I can say that the song is a big score for Hunger Games.  I believe that a few songs were specifically written for some of the Twilight movies, but I'm not sure any of them were as perfect as Safe and Sound sounds for Hunger GamesTurning Page in Breaking Dawn may come close.

This perfomance of Safe and Sound has surfaced....it's supposed to be the first live performance of the song.

On a personal note....my quilting time has been cut in half this past week with the kids being back in school.  It's homework every night with all four kids.  Last night, I was helping my sophomore daughter diagram sentences.  Wow, that's hard!  I think it might have been almost as worse as helping my 13-year old with linear equations, slope, and graphing them.  I was clueless!  A search on the 'Net saved the day....and my husband who still understands that stuff.  I am so glad I'm not a student.  My poor kids!

I did manage to clean up my sewing area.  It was a wreck after finishing those 72 String blocks for Orca Bay.  I braved my stash to pull out some cuts of black fabric for the next step I've decided to tackle for which I have to make 224 Quarter Sqaure Triangle units.  Craziness!  I tested my EQ7 drafted QST sheet that I made based upon some tips found on the 'Net.  I don't know what's what, but my units did come out a tad bigger than needed.  I'm not complaining at all, though, in having to square them up to the correct size.  OMG...those little blocks are small even at 2" finished.  I think my sheet is going to work well for me as I can't imagine having to cut all those little triangles and piecing them individually.

Images only!

Each square will make two blocks.  The full sheet is 6.5 x 9.75" so it will print on one sheet of paper and net 12 blocks.  If I want to make my blocks as scrappy as Bonnie's, then I will have to switch my produced units around with others produced by other sheets.

I hope I haven't outsmarted myself as I'm prone to do.....

I layered my light fabric and dark fabric right sides together, dabbed a bit of glue stick here and there on the pattern sheet so I didn't have to use pins, and sewed all the inside diagonal lines.  Mistake!  Duh....  I quickly unpicked those extra stitches, cut the units apart, sewed the opposing units together to make the QST unit, pressed, and squared those babies up to 2.5" unfinished using the proper technique of lining that diagonal ruler line up with the diagonal seams of the unit.

sew on the green, cut on the red (excuse my amateurish graphics)

The pattern includes the needed seam allowances.


  1. I am sending you an e-mail with attachments that are the diagram you created, hst in different sizes, found it years ago and use it frequently

  2. I had no idea Hungar Games was coming out in the theater this March...I just finished the series. I think the premise of the Games is horrible but I did think they were good books. Next up I have "The Hunger But Mainly Death Games: A Parody" for my Kindle...


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