February 28, 2012

The Sinking Realization

What am I doing?!

I live with the sinking realization that I'm not going to win the war.....

Is it because there is no war?

I've been down this road before way too many times the past two years.

Why do I feel like I've "lost" then?

Why do I feel like I'm constantly getting my faced rubbed in it?

I really feel like I care less and less until I visit the #$%# blog and that of Elizabeth's.

Yeah, stop doing it!

I can't even comment on the posts featuring my blocks because that function has been disallowed specifically for those posts.

FYI....the Alice/Jasper block is a supreme example of Iris interferring with my creativity.  If I'd have said, "no, thank you" I would have been the ultimate $%@!*.

"Pieced by former member Shannon".....absolutely MORE to it all than just that.

My design was used for that quilt!  Elizabeth figured out the measurements and that is about it.

I feel like crawling into a hole.

The only thing I can say is that by taking a trip down memory lane maybe the purpose is to actually feature good work instead of the awful blocks that were made for the quilts made after and lately the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt?

Wouldn't that be funny?!

Yes, I know I'm whining.  I'm being inappropriate.  I know that I'm running people off.....

February 26, 2012

Sally's Twilight Quilt: Center Medallion Update

Twilight Quilt by Sally

I have a jealous nature and I'm really trying not to be jealous over this quilt.  Isn't it awesome?!  The latest addition is the Eclipse Ribbon embellisment with real ribbon.

The test layout:

Loving Bella's Truck and The Cottage.....

Another new block:

Totally Fab-U-Lous!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for letting me share.....

February 24, 2012

KMA Twilight Quilt: Fabric for Sky?

****Please note: I have to come clean about the KMA Twilight Quilt. It isn't my design. The design was shared with me while a member of TQC or as known now, Twi-Quilters. (Elizabeth Mills) If designs and ideas can routinely be borrowed from me and other people, then I don't feel bad at all in returning the favor.... I don't know if it's an exact replica as I was working from a diagram, but it's darn close.

I continue to look for the perfect sky fabric for the Forks Forest sections of the quilt.  I've looked at every sky fabric, grey fabric, blue fabric, regular quilting cotton, and batiks in every local shop I've visited for months.  I think I've found a good fabric in my stash of all things.  I'm having a couple of problems, though.

I'm doubting that my choice is a good one.  I also can't find the fabric locally anymore as the shop has since sold the bolt since I purchased it months and months ago.  I have found it online, but my indecisiveness could mean that the shop will sell out, too, before I make up my mind.

The fabric is a McKenna Ryan fabric called Glacier Lights in the color Ice.  I like it because of its gradation of light to dark and back to light through the width of the fabric (WOF).  If I cut it the WOF way, I would get a nice variance of color through the strip (as pictured).  I could also cut a strip the length of fabric, but have more of just a single color depending on how wide the strip ends up being.  (I think it's 6".)

I wasn't able to get a very good picture, nor edit it well enough:

I guess the only way I'm going to truly be able to decide is to position some trees on it which would mean I would actually need to decide on my trees AND make the pattern.

While looking for the fabric at my LQS, I stumbled upon this gorgeous piece, McKenna Ryan's At Home in the Woods.

It got the last yard.  It's a good thing it's an old fabric.  It was just $9 somthing a yard.  New fabric at this shop is priced at $12.00.  OUCH!

I have other news to report.  I've been contacted by the newsletter editor of a quilting group about using the Lion Lamb pattern in a newsletter.  How exciting!

On another note, I'm trying to stay upbeat about the walk down memory lane that is being done and to not laugh too hard at the revisionist history that is being written.  I am not a revisionist.  I have told the story from my perspective, but have not colored history to make myself look any better or taken credit for things that I didn't design or do.  You be the judge......

And, yes, the blog background has changed a bit.  It is my way of showing how much a fan I am!

February 22, 2012

Walmart Breaking Dawn DVD Fabric Poster

Isn't it pretty?!  Sally sent me a picture....  (I sure hope those creases come out!)

The quilters in all of us thought.....poster.....fabric.....QUILT!  An heirloom quilt to be sure as I'm not sure I could really use it after it was made.

Lydia and I talked about the poster, too.  I had visions of satin and lace blocks.

I've even had a person or two visit looking for ideas on what do it with it.

I think it will be a fun....and intimidating project.

At the very least, I need to do some research about the fabric:  sewing with it and it's care.


I have had the opportunity to "touch" this fabric and it reminds me a lot of Spoonflowers' Sateen.....


That really sends me in another direction!

February 20, 2012


Not all seam allowances are created equal....

I pride myself on being a very accurate piecer, but even my good habits don't always lead to perfectly pieced blocks.

I always have to make a decision as to whether or not I'm going to sew with a scant 1/4" seam allowance by moving my needle position over one titch to the right and my 1/4" foot or if I'm going to sew with a regular 1/4" seam allowance with my 1/4" foot and my needle in the middle position.

I usually sew a test block to decide or at least sew a couple of sections in a paper pieced block to see how it turns out to help me decide.  Fabric, cutting, number of block parts, thread, inaccurate piecing, etc. can lead to a block "shrinking" just enough that blocks don't finish exactly to size.

I've been working a the same quilt for awhile.  I'm calling it The Teacher Quilt because it's for one of my daughter's teachers.  I'm eager to finish it because I've reached the point I do with most quilts where I just want to finish it so I can move onto something else.

If that's the case, then why did I spend a good part of my day seam ripping and then sewing back together two sewed together rows and two other rows of sewed blocks?!

I should have been sewing with a scant 1/4" seam, but I wasn't.  I was losing just a tip of the star blocks in the seam allowances and it was driving me batty.......  Anyone else wouldn't have noticed or cared, but I'm funny that way.

I still fight my tendencies, but always give in.  The smarter thing to have done would have been to recognize what I knew to be true:  that I was losing that 1/32ndish of an inch of tip, that the star points weren't all lining up with the snowball corner triangles, and that it was going to bug the heck out of me.  I shouldn't have continued sewing after the first row, but I was at war with myself:  my need to finish with the need to fix things.

I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I feel so much better now.  I will until I have to start the machine applique for this quilt.  That's a whole other story....

February 17, 2012

Birthdays and Gifts

I'm 42 today....Yay.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!!!

On the Inside:

What color is the gym bag?

(If you said, "He had a gym bag?" then you're as young as ever.)

Thank you Dianne and Melissa!  You made my day......

Bella's Birthday Cake block

Not mine.....borrowed blatently from Bonnie Hunter's FB page post.

My birthday present for YOU?  Pull your black, red, and white fabrics.  On March 1, 2012 I will start posting instructions for the Reproduction Stephenie Meyer Quilt.


February 15, 2012

I'll Let YOU be the Judge

As we continue down memory lane....

Yes, I used to be a charter member of the Twi-Quilters.  I helped design the quilt based upon a Medallion quilt setting featuring the four book covers and made blocks for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.  I was co-coordinator for the New Moon Charity Quilt before leaving the group.  My blocks were taken from that quilt at my request and the quilt was redesigned and finished before being auctioned off for charity.  My leaving or ouster was predicated by the group's unhappiness in how I remade some member's blocks, changed the size of some member's blocks, added blocks not in the original design, and changed the design slightly to make everything fit.  I wasn't asked to leave or to remove my blocks from the quilt, but left on my own and asked for my blocks back after receiving a scathing letter containing the list of my transgressions and the demand of an apology for them.

A post and copy of that letter. (with pictures of the blocks)

A post and the Twi-Quilter response to my request for my blocks to be returned.

The Real Twi-Quilters blog:  My Story

Old news as one would say.  I should stop bringing it up.  I should move on.

Well, as Twi-Quilters continue down memory lane....  I am reminded about how hypocritical Elizabeth is!

I was so blind and stupid as to what really happened to my Forbidden Fruit/Twilight Hands/Twilight Book Cover block for the Stephenie Meyer Quilt.  My block was "fixed."  I was never asked permission.  Heck, I didn't even know it until I started looking at the quilt in order to make a reproduction.  I never noticed it in pictures before then.  Worse, I even saw the quilt in person.  HA!

As pictured on the Twi-Quilters blog, the block I sent to Elizabeth:

I've said myself that the block has serious flaws.....

The final block in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt as featured on the Twi-Quilters blog:

Arm parts were added to the top to make the block be on point.  The upper left wrist was fixed and the lower right finger.  The block would have had to be taken apart and resewed.  Maybe it was even totally remade?  I will never know because I was never asked or told at the time.  I haven't been answered since.

Maybe YOU can finally solve the mystery for me?!

Oh, and by the way, I like the fixes.  The block does look better.  I wasn't asked permission, though.  My work wasn't respected.  It does sting a bit that I made such a yucky block and "she who will not be named" fixed it for me.  LOL

February 14, 2012

How Far I've Come and NOT.....

An interesting post at Twi-Quilters today.....  Very oddly timed to be sure....  I would have left a comment, but they've been turned off.

I admit to visiting on my own, but someone was nice enough to tell me about the post.  Strange.

WOW!  I find it hard to believe that I made this block a little under three years ago.  I really struggled making this block.  (The pattern didn't help matters....)  I really should have tried one more time to get it right so the two matching points on the lower right finger and the upper left wrist are matched.

I think I'm a better piecer today having learned so much about good patterns being the foundation for good piecing, paper piecing tips and tricks, and more about myself as a quilter.  It's not okay to leave things if they can be fixed.  I should have made sure this block was pieced better.

The good thing, though, about the whole experience is that I worked and worked until I made a better pattern.  I've learned so much.  The only thing that I could ask for at this point is more time to do more designing.  Every other shipped has sailed.....

Twilight Hands/Forbidden Fruit/Twilight Book Cover pattern and it's variations available at Twilight Quilt Patterns.  Version 2 is the pattern closed to the Cat Magraith pattern that was used for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.

February 13, 2012

Deservedly SEW: check out this block!

This block deserves its own post!

It's about the coolest thing ever.....and makes me face the reality of my own skill or, more so, my own lack thereof:

Zipper, Block 1 (Sew Out Loud QAL)

Check IT out!!!!!

Thank Goodness for Twilight Friends

My beloved husband bought me the Breaking Dawn DVD on Saturday.  I would have had to be an absolute witch of wife to say I didn't want it even if I would have preferred to receive the WalMart version with the fabric poster and not the one from Costco.  I could have opted for it to be returned, but.......

What would I do with a fabric poster...hmmm!

I enjoyed watching all the Special Features.  The wedding videography was a nice touch!  I will watch the movie with director, Condon's, commentary ON at some point.  I would practically sell my soul for some honeymoon footage that didn't make the movie because it was or replaced with a re-take or cut in editing to make the rating.

I think I was more thrilled with the better quality 1:30 secondish Breaking Dawn Part 2 Target clip paired with subtitles that I searched out.  I know it's silly to get this excited for a movie that's so far away, but I am!

I could have done without all the snarky comments that were made while I was trying to watch the movie.  I should be used them by now.

I am SO thankful that I have friends to share Twilight with on regular basis.  You guys ROCK!

Oh, and I had to do something while watching all this T.V.:

This is the quilt I've been working on for my daughter's teacher.  I completed all the blocks.  The snowballs and star block parts were all paper paper pieced, of course....

February 11, 2012

By the Way....Treat Yourself to Plastic Coil

I didn't go out to Target for the midnight release.  I wanted to, but I let my issues get in the way.  I didn't want to go by myself across town and have to be in a group of people or waiting outside in cold temps for any length of time.  The crazy thing is that I spent money so that I wouldn't have a choice not to go out.  I didn't spend it on anything that silly, but on stuff that could have waited.  I bought a couple of FQs yesterday at my favorite fabric resale shop that I needed, but could have waited on or made do without, for the quilt I'm working on.  I got a latte out this morning.  I stopped at the grocery store this morning, too, and bought a frozen dinner for lunch, that I ended up not having time to eat....as usual, and that's why I don't bother with lunch even at my desk.  I spend just enough money to not have enough to buy the movie.

Yeppers....crazy is as crazy does.

I knew the clip would pop up somewhere.  It did, but I pretty much just got the visual as the audio wasn't good enough for me to decipher hardly any of the actual dialogue.  Hopefully, a better offering will become available.  I read today that the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will be showed with Hunger Games.  Yay!  Vampire Bella looks stunning and I enjoyed the bit of a kiss.....sigh....

I finished the rest of Chapter 1 of the EQ6 Applique Drawing book with confidence tonight while stalking the 'Net for news and personal accounts!

I meant to mention this tip in my previous post....I'm not inventing the wheel or anything.

I took my EQ6 Applique Drawing book to FedEx Kinkos and had the binding removed and replaced with plastic coil--you know, the type on spiral notebooks. (link)  I also had plastic sheets to protect the book covers added.  It cost me about $7.50 because I was undercharged--the book is an odd size so I should have been charged more.  A regular-sized book will cost you around $8.00 for the services, but it's well worth it.  I don't have all my quilting books done, but I love to do it for any books, like applique or paper piecing books, that I need to copy patterns out of.  There's nothing more frustrating than fighting with a book by hand or in a copy machine, trying to flatten it enough to get all the pattern copied without distortion, or fighting to keep a book open while working on a lesson.

The book is opened expertly to the page I need and rests flatly next to my keyboard so I can focus on the lesson.

FedEx Kinkos is a wonderful place.  I also like to go there to print oversized patterns onto single, large sheets of paper when needed.  I even get help all the time to do these things without any fuss.  Nice!

February 10, 2012

EQ7 Applique Drawing: Chapter 1

I'm a self-taught quilter.  I rarely take classes.  My temperament doesn't lend itself to a classroom environment.  For instance, I stress about going to the class like a student would the first day of school to the point of almost paralyzing anxiety.  I'm very self-conscious about doing things in front of people because I feel like they will judge my every move with an internal monologue.  The classes I have taken haven't proven worth the money or time I've invested in my opinion, either.  In this day and age, especially, there's not much that one can't learn from tutorials and online videos.  Trial and error is easier for me at home than it is in a classroom setting.  I crave social interaction, but all my social issues make it difficult for me to be successful or enjoy myself.  I always manage to be annoying enough after a time to run people off.

What does all this have to do with learning EQ?  I've been really tempted to take an EQ class.  I've not.  I've even passed on the online ones through Quilt University.

I dragged out my EQ6 Applique Drawing book today.  I've learned a lot in the short amount of time I spent.  I hope I'll be able to remember everything, but I know I'll have to keep at it and practicing so I can retain it all.  The book is invaluable and I highly recommend it so far!

I got through Lesson 6 of Chapter 1 in less than an hour.

I still wonder why I'm doing this.  I don't applique.

February 9, 2012

Sally's Twilight Quilt: Update

I've decided to look forward to Spring Break in March and then to summer.  I'm way too busy with family responsibilities to quilt more than minutes a day after helping with homework, chauffeuring, and feeding them all.  I'm getting a bit grumpy about it.  I scheduled three days of vacation from work in February for my birthday on the 17th as a gift to myself.  I should have known better....  I ended up having to be at work for a half day on the 16th and then I'll be taken to lunch.  Little did I know that my kids are also off on the 17th for some type of school off day and the 20th is President's Day.  Oh, well!

Since I'm not sewing, but felt the urge to be here, I'm glad that someone other than me is quilting....  Sally has made more progress on the Twilight quilt she is making.  I know that Lydia has been sewing some TABA blocks, but I didn't ask for permission to share.  Head over to her Flickr Photostream.  (I'm not saying I've not sewed at ALL, but what I have completed isn't Twilight-y and too pitiful to share.)

I've been remiss in not showing Sally's progress in the past week:

More, more!

Don't forget Sally's Custom Quilts.....

The biggest decision I'm working on right now is whether or not I'm going to go to Target at midnight, ummmm.... 9 pm to get a ticket first, across town to get Breaking Dawn.  What's the word?

Another neat little thing:

February 6, 2012

Busy is as Busy Does

Where to begin?  See, this is the reason I don't like to go for more than a day or two without a post.  I have too much to say and not enough time to say it.  The real reason is that I've been too busy at work, shhhhhh, and sewing at home to take the time to put together a post.  (I did start a couple of posts, but I abandoned them quickly because bost sounded quite pretentious and more than just sharing as is the point.  Who really needs that?!)  The sewing is a good thing, though.  I hope I have some Twilight-y things soon to be able to share.

I started two new block of the months and I've been sewing a couple of other quilts.  The BOMs are for paper piecing fans so I'll share them here until I can find the time to get my Sewing on Paper blog up and running.  A little part of me is hoping that by making blocks from other peoples' designs will help me be a better designer of my own blocks.

I received the email I've been waiting for.....from Linda at Silver Linings Originals announcing the 2012 BOM.  It's called Treasures of the Sea.  I'm going to try and piece this one faithfully this year.  I'm sorry to say that I didn't do more than print and save most of the patterns of last year's Treasures of the Rainforest offering.  I'll probably have to purchase the ones I missed.  I'll admit to not being able to imagine how all the blocks would fit together, but I should have known that Linda wouldn't disappoint!

Silver Linings Originals
*all patterns are available for purchase to make this amazing quilt

This years program hasn't changed much.  Sign up for the monthly newsletter sent by email offered on the home page.  The patterns are available for free for a period of time and then for purchase later for anyone missing out or coming late to the game.  Fabric packets are available for purchase and a Plus Option with additional blocks for purchase offered quarterly.  (The Plus Option last year featured the tiger, jaguar, panther and waterfall.)

The other BOM I've decided to do is Ula Lenz's Zodiac Stars.  I've never made any of Ula's designs before even though I purchased a motorcycle pattern intended for Edward's motorcycle in Eclipse.  I started January's Capricorn with a few hiccups over the weekend.  I've finished one of the four sections.  I'm a little nervous that the block will finish to size as the seam allowances would have been larger than 1/4" if I cut on the outside dotted line.  I didn't and cut 1/4" using my ruler from the solid block line.  (I made sure I had "none" checked for page scaling and my 1" test on the printed pattern pages was correct.)  We shall see.  I'm loving the fabric I picked for the dark blue sky.  I will be using batiks and other similar fabrics like Moda Marbles for the stars.  The first block, Capricorn, is no longer available for free, but can be purchased.  (I purchased in the past from Sue's without any problems even though it is an international shop.)  I'll post a picture when I finish!