February 6, 2012

Busy is as Busy Does

Where to begin?  See, this is the reason I don't like to go for more than a day or two without a post.  I have too much to say and not enough time to say it.  The real reason is that I've been too busy at work, shhhhhh, and sewing at home to take the time to put together a post.  (I did start a couple of posts, but I abandoned them quickly because bost sounded quite pretentious and more than just sharing as is the point.  Who really needs that?!)  The sewing is a good thing, though.  I hope I have some Twilight-y things soon to be able to share.

I started two new block of the months and I've been sewing a couple of other quilts.  The BOMs are for paper piecing fans so I'll share them here until I can find the time to get my Sewing on Paper blog up and running.  A little part of me is hoping that by making blocks from other peoples' designs will help me be a better designer of my own blocks.

I received the email I've been waiting for.....from Linda at Silver Linings Originals announcing the 2012 BOM.  It's called Treasures of the Sea.  I'm going to try and piece this one faithfully this year.  I'm sorry to say that I didn't do more than print and save most of the patterns of last year's Treasures of the Rainforest offering.  I'll probably have to purchase the ones I missed.  I'll admit to not being able to imagine how all the blocks would fit together, but I should have known that Linda wouldn't disappoint!

Silver Linings Originals
*all patterns are available for purchase to make this amazing quilt

This years program hasn't changed much.  Sign up for the monthly newsletter sent by email offered on the home page.  The patterns are available for free for a period of time and then for purchase later for anyone missing out or coming late to the game.  Fabric packets are available for purchase and a Plus Option with additional blocks for purchase offered quarterly.  (The Plus Option last year featured the tiger, jaguar, panther and waterfall.)

The other BOM I've decided to do is Ula Lenz's Zodiac Stars.  I've never made any of Ula's designs before even though I purchased a motorcycle pattern intended for Edward's motorcycle in Eclipse.  I started January's Capricorn with a few hiccups over the weekend.  I've finished one of the four sections.  I'm a little nervous that the block will finish to size as the seam allowances would have been larger than 1/4" if I cut on the outside dotted line.  I didn't and cut 1/4" using my ruler from the solid block line.  (I made sure I had "none" checked for page scaling and my 1" test on the printed pattern pages was correct.)  We shall see.  I'm loving the fabric I picked for the dark blue sky.  I will be using batiks and other similar fabrics like Moda Marbles for the stars.  The first block, Capricorn, is no longer available for free, but can be purchased.  (I purchased in the past from Sue's without any problems even though it is an international shop.)  I'll post a picture when I finish!

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