February 11, 2012

By the Way....Treat Yourself to Plastic Coil

I didn't go out to Target for the midnight release.  I wanted to, but I let my issues get in the way.  I didn't want to go by myself across town and have to be in a group of people or waiting outside in cold temps for any length of time.  The crazy thing is that I spent money so that I wouldn't have a choice not to go out.  I didn't spend it on anything that silly, but on stuff that could have waited.  I bought a couple of FQs yesterday at my favorite fabric resale shop that I needed, but could have waited on or made do without, for the quilt I'm working on.  I got a latte out this morning.  I stopped at the grocery store this morning, too, and bought a frozen dinner for lunch, that I ended up not having time to eat....as usual, and that's why I don't bother with lunch even at my desk.  I spend just enough money to not have enough to buy the movie.

Yeppers....crazy is as crazy does.

I knew the clip would pop up somewhere.  It did, but I pretty much just got the visual as the audio wasn't good enough for me to decipher hardly any of the actual dialogue.  Hopefully, a better offering will become available.  I read today that the Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer will be showed with Hunger Games.  Yay!  Vampire Bella looks stunning and I enjoyed the bit of a kiss.....sigh....

I finished the rest of Chapter 1 of the EQ6 Applique Drawing book with confidence tonight while stalking the 'Net for news and personal accounts!

I meant to mention this tip in my previous post....I'm not inventing the wheel or anything.

I took my EQ6 Applique Drawing book to FedEx Kinkos and had the binding removed and replaced with plastic coil--you know, the type on spiral notebooks. (link)  I also had plastic sheets to protect the book covers added.  It cost me about $7.50 because I was undercharged--the book is an odd size so I should have been charged more.  A regular-sized book will cost you around $8.00 for the services, but it's well worth it.  I don't have all my quilting books done, but I love to do it for any books, like applique or paper piecing books, that I need to copy patterns out of.  There's nothing more frustrating than fighting with a book by hand or in a copy machine, trying to flatten it enough to get all the pattern copied without distortion, or fighting to keep a book open while working on a lesson.

The book is opened expertly to the page I need and rests flatly next to my keyboard so I can focus on the lesson.

FedEx Kinkos is a wonderful place.  I also like to go there to print oversized patterns onto single, large sheets of paper when needed.  I even get help all the time to do these things without any fuss.  Nice!

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  1. Wish I had a Kinkos' or any copy place near me...... would love to be able to do that with some of my fav quilt books...... I did not go to a midnight release either, I work 7 nights a week, could have taken the day off, but already preordered the wedding dress copy from WalMart, and ordered the itunes download as soon as it released..... already watched it once, just as a movie, then with the commentary, then the making of special.... it was all great, really am liking this movie the best so far...... , cute block! Your design?


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