February 10, 2012

EQ7 Applique Drawing: Chapter 1

I'm a self-taught quilter.  I rarely take classes.  My temperament doesn't lend itself to a classroom environment.  For instance, I stress about going to the class like a student would the first day of school to the point of almost paralyzing anxiety.  I'm very self-conscious about doing things in front of people because I feel like they will judge my every move with an internal monologue.  The classes I have taken haven't proven worth the money or time I've invested in my opinion, either.  In this day and age, especially, there's not much that one can't learn from tutorials and online videos.  Trial and error is easier for me at home than it is in a classroom setting.  I crave social interaction, but all my social issues make it difficult for me to be successful or enjoy myself.  I always manage to be annoying enough after a time to run people off.

What does all this have to do with learning EQ?  I've been really tempted to take an EQ class.  I've not.  I've even passed on the online ones through Quilt University.

I dragged out my EQ6 Applique Drawing book today.  I've learned a lot in the short amount of time I spent.  I hope I'll be able to remember everything, but I know I'll have to keep at it and practicing so I can retain it all.  The book is invaluable and I highly recommend it so far!

I got through Lesson 6 of Chapter 1 in less than an hour.

I still wonder why I'm doing this.  I don't applique.

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