February 14, 2012

How Far I've Come and NOT.....

An interesting post at Twi-Quilters today.....  Very oddly timed to be sure....  I would have left a comment, but they've been turned off.

I admit to visiting on my own, but someone was nice enough to tell me about the post.  Strange.

WOW!  I find it hard to believe that I made this block a little under three years ago.  I really struggled making this block.  (The pattern didn't help matters....)  I really should have tried one more time to get it right so the two matching points on the lower right finger and the upper left wrist are matched.

I think I'm a better piecer today having learned so much about good patterns being the foundation for good piecing, paper piecing tips and tricks, and more about myself as a quilter.  It's not okay to leave things if they can be fixed.  I should have made sure this block was pieced better.

The good thing, though, about the whole experience is that I worked and worked until I made a better pattern.  I've learned so much.  The only thing that I could ask for at this point is more time to do more designing.  Every other shipped has sailed.....

Twilight Hands/Forbidden Fruit/Twilight Book Cover pattern and it's variations available at Twilight Quilt Patterns.  Version 2 is the pattern closed to the Cat Magraith pattern that was used for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.

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