February 15, 2012

I'll Let YOU be the Judge

As we continue down memory lane....

Yes, I used to be a charter member of the Twi-Quilters.  I helped design the quilt based upon a Medallion quilt setting featuring the four book covers and made blocks for the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt.  I was co-coordinator for the New Moon Charity Quilt before leaving the group.  My blocks were taken from that quilt at my request and the quilt was redesigned and finished before being auctioned off for charity.  My leaving or ouster was predicated by the group's unhappiness in how I remade some member's blocks, changed the size of some member's blocks, added blocks not in the original design, and changed the design slightly to make everything fit.  I wasn't asked to leave or to remove my blocks from the quilt, but left on my own and asked for my blocks back after receiving a scathing letter containing the list of my transgressions and the demand of an apology for them.

A post and copy of that letter. (with pictures of the blocks)

A post and the Twi-Quilter response to my request for my blocks to be returned.

The Real Twi-Quilters blog:  My Story

Old news as one would say.  I should stop bringing it up.  I should move on.

Well, as Twi-Quilters continue down memory lane....  I am reminded about how hypocritical Elizabeth is!

I was so blind and stupid as to what really happened to my Forbidden Fruit/Twilight Hands/Twilight Book Cover block for the Stephenie Meyer Quilt.  My block was "fixed."  I was never asked permission.  Heck, I didn't even know it until I started looking at the quilt in order to make a reproduction.  I never noticed it in pictures before then.  Worse, I even saw the quilt in person.  HA!

As pictured on the Twi-Quilters blog, the block I sent to Elizabeth:

I've said myself that the block has serious flaws.....

The final block in the Stephenie Meyer Twilight Quilt as featured on the Twi-Quilters blog:

Arm parts were added to the top to make the block be on point.  The upper left wrist was fixed and the lower right finger.  The block would have had to be taken apart and resewed.  Maybe it was even totally remade?  I will never know because I was never asked or told at the time.  I haven't been answered since.

Maybe YOU can finally solve the mystery for me?!

Oh, and by the way, I like the fixes.  The block does look better.  I wasn't asked permission, though.  My work wasn't respected.  It does sting a bit that I made such a yucky block and "she who will not be named" fixed it for me.  LOL


  1. I am Team Shannon all the way! In this fandom, well, probably all fandoms, there are those nitpicky psycho people, and fortunately, I lurked long enough to be able to weed them out and now surround myself with people UNLIKE that.... so sorry for the crap you went through.

  2. The funniest thing is how people can take an instant dislike to you, but hide it so well with a smile on their face and a knife in their hand behind their back.....


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