February 24, 2012

KMA Twilight Quilt: Fabric for Sky?

****Please note: I have to come clean about the KMA Twilight Quilt. It isn't my design. The design was shared with me while a member of TQC or as known now, Twi-Quilters. (Elizabeth Mills) If designs and ideas can routinely be borrowed from me and other people, then I don't feel bad at all in returning the favor.... I don't know if it's an exact replica as I was working from a diagram, but it's darn close.

I continue to look for the perfect sky fabric for the Forks Forest sections of the quilt.  I've looked at every sky fabric, grey fabric, blue fabric, regular quilting cotton, and batiks in every local shop I've visited for months.  I think I've found a good fabric in my stash of all things.  I'm having a couple of problems, though.

I'm doubting that my choice is a good one.  I also can't find the fabric locally anymore as the shop has since sold the bolt since I purchased it months and months ago.  I have found it online, but my indecisiveness could mean that the shop will sell out, too, before I make up my mind.

The fabric is a McKenna Ryan fabric called Glacier Lights in the color Ice.  I like it because of its gradation of light to dark and back to light through the width of the fabric (WOF).  If I cut it the WOF way, I would get a nice variance of color through the strip (as pictured).  I could also cut a strip the length of fabric, but have more of just a single color depending on how wide the strip ends up being.  (I think it's 6".)

I wasn't able to get a very good picture, nor edit it well enough:

I guess the only way I'm going to truly be able to decide is to position some trees on it which would mean I would actually need to decide on my trees AND make the pattern.

While looking for the fabric at my LQS, I stumbled upon this gorgeous piece, McKenna Ryan's At Home in the Woods.

It got the last yard.  It's a good thing it's an old fabric.  It was just $9 somthing a yard.  New fabric at this shop is priced at $12.00.  OUCH!

I have other news to report.  I've been contacted by the newsletter editor of a quilting group about using the Lion Lamb pattern in a newsletter.  How exciting!

On another note, I'm trying to stay upbeat about the walk down memory lane that is being done and to not laugh too hard at the revisionist history that is being written.  I am not a revisionist.  I have told the story from my perspective, but have not colored history to make myself look any better or taken credit for things that I didn't design or do.  You be the judge......

And, yes, the blog background has changed a bit.  It is my way of showing how much a fan I am!

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  1. Wow, loving both of those fabrics....... I am familiar with McKenna Ryan's patterns, but not her fabric..... apparently I need to become acquainted with it though


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