February 28, 2012

The Sinking Realization

What am I doing?!

I live with the sinking realization that I'm not going to win the war.....

Is it because there is no war?

I've been down this road before way too many times the past two years.

Why do I feel like I've "lost" then?

Why do I feel like I'm constantly getting my faced rubbed in it?

I really feel like I care less and less until I visit the #$%# blog and that of Elizabeth's.

Yeah, stop doing it!

I can't even comment on the posts featuring my blocks because that function has been disallowed specifically for those posts.

FYI....the Alice/Jasper block is a supreme example of Iris interferring with my creativity.  If I'd have said, "no, thank you" I would have been the ultimate $%@!*.

"Pieced by former member Shannon".....absolutely MORE to it all than just that.

My design was used for that quilt!  Elizabeth figured out the measurements and that is about it.

I feel like crawling into a hole.

The only thing I can say is that by taking a trip down memory lane maybe the purpose is to actually feature good work instead of the awful blocks that were made for the quilts made after and lately the Breaking Dawn Charity Quilt?

Wouldn't that be funny?!

Yes, I know I'm whining.  I'm being inappropriate.  I know that I'm running people off.....