February 13, 2012

Thank Goodness for Twilight Friends

My beloved husband bought me the Breaking Dawn DVD on Saturday.  I would have had to be an absolute witch of wife to say I didn't want it even if I would have preferred to receive the WalMart version with the fabric poster and not the one from Costco.  I could have opted for it to be returned, but.......

What would I do with a fabric poster...hmmm!

I enjoyed watching all the Special Features.  The wedding videography was a nice touch!  I will watch the movie with director, Condon's, commentary ON at some point.  I would practically sell my soul for some honeymoon footage that didn't make the movie because it was or replaced with a re-take or cut in editing to make the rating.

I think I was more thrilled with the better quality 1:30 secondish Breaking Dawn Part 2 Target clip paired with subtitles that I searched out.  I know it's silly to get this excited for a movie that's so far away, but I am!

I could have done without all the snarky comments that were made while I was trying to watch the movie.  I should be used them by now.

I am SO thankful that I have friends to share Twilight with on regular basis.  You guys ROCK!

Oh, and I had to do something while watching all this T.V.:

This is the quilt I've been working on for my daughter's teacher.  I completed all the blocks.  The snowballs and star block parts were all paper paper pieced, of course....


  1. After seeing that the Walmart one came with a fabric poster...... well of course I had to order it..... it is really awesome, pretty thin, I'll email you a pic, and of course I am planning a quilt with it as the center block :)


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